A Summer of Unusual Drought

Like that old children’s rhyme “It ain’t goin’ rain no more, no more…”, BC has had a summer of unusual drought. Unending hot weather, no precipitation and those clear blue skies are great for the beach, hiking on the trails and being out on the water. But as the summer wore on, we also saw fires, the scope of which we have never had in BC and for some of our farmers, they saw the crops that they lovingly planted and tended wither in the field. Some growers in the A Bread Affair family of farms ended the summer season plowing under the shriveled wheat plants. Yields on lands that do not have irrigation are very low, with some having no crop at all.

As climate change becomes pronounced, what we are able to grow in BC changes, and not always for the better. Drought is a threat to each of us, if it means longer and longer supply chains for our food, and our agricultural community without a crop for the year and possibly the future.

A Bread Affair has a strong focus on sustainability. We made a decision when we opened the bakery almost 10 years ago to source in the Fraser Valley and other foodlands of BC, since food grown close to home will be less carbon intensive as food that we transport thousands of kilometres. We choose to be organic to use fewer chemicals, many derived from the petroleum industry, believing that it will both be healthier for us, our children and our communities. We purchased an alternative fuel delivery fleet, that contributes less than half the greenhouse gases of gasoline powered trucks. And in part, we have received your support because of it. (Well, great bread helped, too.)

But sustainability is also about little things. Our compostable straws replaced plastic straws throughout the bakery. Our drink cups are recyclable paper as well. This fall, let each of us look to take another step to mitigate global climate change in our daily activities. We each can do so much, from reusable shopping bags, to buying locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, rather than packaged foods in plastic that have travelled from far far away to reach us. If we can bike to the market, great, if we can eat a little lower on the food chain, that’s amazing, but most of all, if we are able to be aware, we will make the changes we collectively need to achieve to make the future a bright one for our children and the future generations.

We all feel the loss of our productive agricultural sector in BC, in so many ways. Each of us can make a small change to ensure our future. Right?


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