Proper Bread Storage With the Experts

When it coMarquis-wheat-imgmes to food storage, putting your groceries away in the refrigerator may seem like a no brainer. Items such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meat experience greatly heightened levels of longevity when kept in these cool spaces. Since the fridge is such a great spot to preserve edibles in order to make them last longer, then obviously it is a great place to keep bread, right? Wrong.

Patrycja GledProper Bread Storage With the Experts
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How A Bread Affair is Helping Make the World a Better Place


Sustainability is vital to the survival of our planet. It’s a key component of the Vancouver and B.C. culture. The natural world around us is beautiful and so important and deserves our utmost respect. Sustainability is a core value in true organic agriculture worldwide. Here in B.C., A Bread Affair supports rural communities and the Organic Farmers that live and work in them. We understand the value between a farmer and their land and how that translates into food products for the community. We have been active supporters of the Agricultural Land Reserve, as well.

Patrycja GledHow A Bread Affair is Helping Make the World a Better Place
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3 Excellent Reasons to Get Your Bread From A Bread Affair

 We at A Bread Affair are dedicated to providing our patrons with organic, locally grown, and artisan crafted baked goods and breads. Located on the bustling and lovely Granville Island, we love what we do – and hope that you will, too! Here are 3 reasons we think you should get your bread and baked goods from us:

Patrycja Gled3 Excellent Reasons to Get Your Bread From A Bread Affair
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Vancouver Sun Feature

We’ve got exciting news to share! We’ve been featured in the Vancouver Sun as part of their Farm Market Producers series by Randy Shore.  The article spotlights the one and only, Tanya Belanger, and delves into her start in the bakery business, the secret to making great bread and her signature loaf, The Marquis. You can get your hands on the goodies right here.

Patrycja GledVancouver Sun Feature
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5 Ancient Grains That Are Actually Good For You!

Healthy eating awareness is spreading. There has been an increase in the number of people eating brown rice, quinoa, and other ancient grain products like spelt pizza crust. It seems like everyone is getting on-board this fantastically healthy trend. Ancient grain alternatives are everywhere. But do you know why you should be including these types of grain in your diet?

Patrycja Gled5 Ancient Grains That Are Actually Good For You!
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Eat With the Seasons For Optimal Well-Being

You may have heard from various foodies and experts that eating “seasonally” is better for you and better for your wallet. Buying seasonally just means that you use foods that are grown in the season in which you are eating them—makes sense, right? Eating seasonally is healthier for you, better for the planet, and can save you money. What’s not to love?

A lot of people talk about foods that are “in season” without really thinking about what that means in the bigger picture. Cooking and eating seasonally means more than just a conversational piece at the grocery store or a trendy food movement. There are numerous benefits to eating seasonally, some of which we will outline for you here.

Patrycja GledEat With the Seasons For Optimal Well-Being
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11 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Eating Sourdough Bread

Bread and bread products get a bad rap.  But there are plenty of reasons why you can – and should – include healthy, non-GMO bread in your diet. Most of us hear reason after reason why bread is bad, but we at A Bread Affair are here to point out 11 solid reasons why sourdough bread is a great and important component to any pantry. By using a special starter of wild yeast and bacteria, the positives of consuming sourdough far outweigh the negative media eye. Sourdough bread is a baking art form that is, by its very nature, a healthier choice – and here are our 11 favourite reasons why.

Patrycja Gled11 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Eating Sourdough Bread
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Are Farmer’s Markets Really More Expensive?

Farmer’s markets are expensive places to shop, this everyone already seems to know. While browsing the market, some people are flabbergasted when they learn what a basket of fresh produce will cost them (admit it, we’ve all been there). Budgeting is important and many household have at least a vague understanding of how much is “too much” to be spending on food for yourself or your family. However, are farmer’s markets really as expensive as we are led to believe? Many would say “no” – and here’s why.

Patrycja GledAre Farmer’s Markets Really More Expensive?
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A Guide to the Best Farmers’ Markets in the Lower Mainland

All year round there are a variety of scrumptious farmers’ markets for tourists and locals alike to enjoy. The temperate climate and a love of DIY culture means that these markets are popular events and not limited to the summer time, like in some towns and cities. Farmers’ markets in the lower mainland attract growers, farmers, craftspeople, bakers and more from all over the city (and beyond). These high-quality, independent goods come right from workshops and fields to your shopping baskets.

Patrycja GledA Guide to the Best Farmers’ Markets in the Lower Mainland
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What is Artisan Bread?

If you’ve ever picked up fresh, homemade bread from a bakery and compared it to the pre-sliced stuff from the supermarket, you know the truth: not all bread is created equal. This may be obvious when comparing bread of vastly different quality, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Patrycja GledWhat is Artisan Bread?
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