3 Reasons Why You Need A Bread Affair In Your Life, Now

We love to talk about our bread as much as we love making it.  We want to spread the word and break bread with our neighbors, communities, friends and fans.  We have come a long way to bring you (in our humble opinion) the most exquisite organic bread and baked goods known to Vancouver and here are 3 reasons why you absolutely need to try our bread.

1.Every one of our loaves has its own story, from our Okanagan Apple bread made from a traditional Norman recipe to our ‘Love At First Bite’ loaf whose ingredients are all grown within 71 miles of Vancouver City Hall.  That’s right – we use locally sourced ingredients, support our framing communities and still make the best darn bread in town.

Our bread has a historic past that goes back over 100 years, when bread was mixed and kneaded with only basic ingredients like yeast, flour, water and salt. To this day we still keep our ingredient lists as simple as possible, and being Certified Organic means that we don’t use ‘clean label’ additives – we don’t call ingredients ‘manufacturing aids’ so that we don’t have to list them on the label. Our promise is real bread, baked with love.  And we want you to help share our story.

While each of our loaves has a story, the real magic is in how we create them. Baking a great loaf of bread takes many careful steps to reach perfection, and our team of artisan bakers knows how to create the perfect loaf. From the mixing of the dough to the pre-shaping and hand-molding of each loaf, from the proofing to the baking itself, we work flawlessly to bring you the best bread, every time.

2. Our ingredients are different. Every loaf we make is Certified Organic, which means that you won’t be ingesting herbicides or pesticides with your morning toast or your sandwich at lunch. As a Certified Organic bakery, no GMOs are permitted in the food we make, so you can rest assured that we bake with real ingredients and traditional grains, grown by family farms in the Fraser Valley and beyond.  Check out our menu here.


3. We work directly with our farmers to choose the very best varieties of wheat, and this is the wheat that ends up in each and every loaf of your bread. Beyond our grains, we source local cranberries and blueberries from Pitt Meadows, apples from the Okanagan, and Hazelnuts from Bradner (between Mission and Abbotsford). Our cheeses use only Canadian dairy products.

We are proud to have so many local farms supply our ingredients. This connection is part of our artisanal process – one more thing you won’t find in just any other bakery. Every ingredient selected is chosen based on its flavour – flavours that we can’t wait to share with you and your family.

Visit us at our Granville Island bakery, a Farmers Market or select Grocery stores around Vancouver.  We look forward to breaking bread with you.

3 Reasons Why You Need A Bread Affair In Your Life, Now