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You’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s cut thick and becomes the “Texas Toast” beside your plate of barbeque, or as a bun holding your favourite burger, Brioche has become our “go to” bread anytime we spark up the grill.  Rated as the top hamburger buns in Vancouver, we urge you to try A Bread Affair’s brioche buns and loaf and be your own judge.

But that’s only the beginning.  Brioche is a traditional food from northern France, dating back to the 1400’s.  A Bread Affair’s brioche loaf is lovingly made with only organic flours, grass feed butter and free range eggs, exactly as they would have 100 or even 500 years ago.  A Bread Affair never compromises on flavour for savings.  As an organic bakery, we never use GMO’s, stabilizers, chemicals or food dyes in our products.  Baked in small batches by fully trained artisan bakers, each bun or loaf represents our best practises: marrying quality ingredients with passionate skills to produce phenomenal flavour for your table.

We bake it in several styles including a braided loaf that is perfect for French toast and a very traditional Brioche à tête that is subtly sweet with a light texture.  Our Brioche Buddies are astounding buns for a burger, tuna salad or a grilled veggie sandwich.  We will look forward to serving you.

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