3 Excellent Reasons to Get Your Bread From A Bread Affair

 We at A Bread Affair are dedicated to providing our patrons with organic, locally grown, and artisan crafted baked goods and breads. Located on the bustling and lovely Granville Island, we love what we do – and hope that you will, too! Here are 3 reasons we think you should get your bread and baked goods from us:

Certified-organic-imgA Bread Affair is Local!

Being owned and operated by Vancouverites is just part of “being local.” All of our products are also manufactured in the Vancouver area. Wherever possible, we support local growers and farmers and attend Farmer’s Markets all over Vancouver as buyers and sellers. We take pride in that our wheat comes from Organic Farms across the Fraser Valley. We support local wheat farmers by making arrangements to purchase the entire crop before planting has even begun. This removes much risk to local farmers and ensures that they can make a fair return on their hard work throughout the year. When we say “local,” we mean local!

organic logo black 1A Bread Affair is Certified Organic!

We are British Columbia’s first Certified Organic Bakery. Too often, the word “organic” means nothing to the products we consume. To claim your products or produce as “organic” requires no inspection or reassurance and can be a clever marketing gimmick meant to latch on to a current trend. Like the label “natural” in the early 2000’s, “organic” is a word that is misused and abused nowadays. However, if you catch sight of the Canadian Certified Organic logo on any product you are being promised through rigorous assessment that what you are buying has no GMOs, chemicals, or pesticides associated with any of the ingredients used. It also means that no additives, preservatives, or stabilizers are used in our products. Certified Organic Auditors have confirmed that everything we at A Bread Affair produce meet these standards of true organic products. Just look for the certified organic stamp on our breads.

Nooner BW1A Bread Affair is Artisan Crafted!

Our artisan bakers have trained at some of the best culinary schools, including the Art Institute of Vancouver, and even schools around the world, like the Cordon Bleu. Mainly, though, we focus on finding bakers who are passionate, dedicated, and hard working. In our eyes, each handcrafted loaf of bread is a work of art. We use the best ingredients in all of our breads to create a high quality product formed from the best palette of flavours. We celebrate distinctness in our products rather than conformity, while still achieving the highest standards. Artisan craftsmanship may mean that we produce fewer products daily but it means that everything we do produce is of extraordinary craftsmanship. After all, it’s not quantity that matters most – it’s quality!

If you are curious about our methods and products, feel free to visit us on Granville Island for lunch. You can find our menu, hours, and more on our website and keep up with our daily goings-on on our Facebook page.

3 Excellent Reasons to Get Your Bread From A Bread Affair