How A Bread Affair is Helping Make the World a Better Place


Sustainability is vital to the survival of our planet. It’s a key component of the Vancouver and B.C. culture. The natural world around us is beautiful and so important and deserves our utmost respect. Sustainability is a core value in true organic agriculture worldwide. Here in B.C., A Bread Affair supports rural communities and the Organic Farmers that live and work in them. We understand the value between a farmer and their land and how that translates into food products for the community. We have been active supporters of the Agricultural Land Reserve, as well.

quest-food-exchange-with-a-bread-affairOur bakery products will never end up in a landfill. The Quest Food Exchange helps distribute fresh leftover products to those who need them. The QFE is a local non-profit organization that provides help – including healthy, affordable food resources – to marginalized or low-income community members. Other local charities receive our products, as well.

When we have leftovers at the end of their shelf life, we convert them into croutons, breadcrumbs, or croustinis so that they don’t go to waste. Anything leftover after that is distributed to farmers to feed their livestock through organic, pure grain products that are a valuable resource for them and their animals. We also get much of our eggs, cheeses, and other animal products from the very farms that use our feed. This reciprocity is the foundation for a healthier, more sustainable world.

We only use compostable and/or recyclable packaging and even discussed our plans with the City of Vancouver to ensure that we could help to provide a solution to the growing levels of waste. It was important to us that we not contribute to the widespread problem of growing landfills.

Our-Story-headerOur delivery methods rely on lower polluting natural gas, which cuts bad emissions by half when compared to traditional gasoline or diesel delivery vehicles. We are working to incorporate bicycle delivery systems and will update you as these plans come to fruition. We are very excited about these new developments.

A Bread Affair has received positive reviews from BC Hydro’s PowerSmart Program and we continue to operate our bakery with their high standards and efficiency suggestions in mind. For example, we rely on strong ventilation systems and high efficiency lighting. We constantly try to improve on our systems and make progress towards a sustainable future for generations to come. We believe in minimalizing our ecological footprint in any way possible. This is vital for a happy, healthy future for everyone.

We have big plans to continue our sustainability work in many ways and hope that you will join us. Every loaf of bread sold contributes to a sustainable and green future. Let’s work together to keep B.C. green.

For more information on our values and products, you can visit us on our website or social media. Visit us in person on Granville Island for lunch or a snack.

How A Bread Affair is Helping Make the World a Better Place